I am back in Spain for another year. I will continue to do updates like I did all last year.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Only 2 days of teaching and already I am a natural

My fears about teaching adults were completely unnecessary.  All of the students are great and seem to be genuinely interested in learning about my life, the United States and just getting my opinion on all things Spanish.  I have my official schedule.... Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 4 till 9.  I offered to teach on Thursdays as well but my director said she doesn't want me to get tired of teaching.  I assured her that I do not think of teaching as a burden, it is truly a gift to work so little and still get to experience this amazing place.  I also have a 2 hour meeting with the teachers every other or every third Friday so that the teachers can work on their English with me.  I told them all that it is not necessary as their English skills are great, but they want to learn as much as they can from me.

I think that I have found an apartment, I will be sharing with a teacher from the high school so that I can teach him English while he helps me with my Spanish.  The rent is a good rate so I can do as much travel as I want.

Yesterday I went into Zaragoza because it is the festival of La Virgen de Pilar.  There was a parade, fireworks, music and plenty of drinking.  I thought that I would make the last bus to Tarazona last night but I did not so I stayed in the bus station with some other auxiliares till my 8 a.m. bus this morning.  I think I will be staying in Tarazona tonight but I haven't made up my mind, the night is still young.


  1. It looks like St. Pilar is watching over you (except for the buses)! Glad to hear you're taking it all in. Enjoy! xoxo Tia E

  2. WOW! A lot is going on! I'm glad you are comfortable in your strange new world! I could never do what you are doing. The memories you are creating will last your lifetime!! What a great thing.

    So do tell about your possible new roommate... I'm guessing single...age? C'mon Paige, tell all :)

    Seriously, have fun, but not too much!

  3. Queremos ver unos fotos de la escuela, el apartamento, los estudiantes, las maestras, etc.