I am back in Spain for another year. I will continue to do updates like I did all last year.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The events from the past week

Last Saturday I went to a classical music concert with one of the students from the language school.  The orchestra was a youth orchestra from Andalucia and they were very good.  It was mostly violins but there were a few other instruments and they even had a flamenco guitarist join the group for two songs.  It was very nice and I was glad to have the experience.

Sunday I just slept and slept, what else is new.  I also prepared some work for the upcoming classes but not too much, I think I am a slacker language assistant.

Monday morning I had a meeting with a woman from the CPR (pronounced ce-pe-ere), which is a resource center for teachers, to talk about me possibly giving a seminar for teachers.  We talked for awhile and I decided to do it because I think it is a good opportunity for me and it improves my resume in case I want to stay here and teach next year.  But, I don't have to think about the seminar for awhile since it starts in January.

On Tuesday I started another private lesson but this time instead of getting paid I am exchanging one hour of English conversation for one hour of Spanish conversation.  I am painfully shy when it comes to speaking in Spanish, so it is good to force myself to speak with a native speaker for one hour.  I know I could and should be speaking in Spanish with the professors at the school but I am embarassed.  Honestly, their English is so good that sometimes I forget I am in Spain and could/should be speaking in Spanish when I am at the school inbetween classes.  Hopefully these sessions will give me more confidence, at least that is the goal.

The classes this week were fine, next week I am preparing something special for Thanksgiving.  I have no idea what to do since I want it to be better than Halloween, which kind of bombed, in my opinion.  I will write what I end up doing sometime next week with the results.

On Thursday morning I got up with the sole purpose of calling the government office to get an appointment to be finger-printed so that I can get my student identification card.  Ana, Armen and I have been trying since I was told to call a number to set up an appointment, but the line is ALWAYS busy.  There is no such thing as an automated system that puts you on hold and tells you how long you have to wait to speak with someone like we have in the States.  I guess it is a good thing because phone calls are expensive but then you have to keep hitting re-dial, needless to say it is a pain in the neck.  But, luck was on my side because I got through on Thursday and got my appointment...... which is the 4th of March!  Oh well, I have the proper documentation to stay but I will have to make sure to stay out of trouble, not that I look for trouble but sometimes it just finds me.  Crazy things happen to me that do not happen to other people. (Example: The time I got a moving violation ticket before I had a driver's license, I got a pedestrian ticket for crossing against the traffic light in DC!)

Today, I went to the school in the morning for a couple hours to talk about what I might possibly do for the special holiday lessons next week.  Later, I went into Zaragoza with both Ana my tutor, and the other Ana to meet another language assistant.  It was miserable weather today, I never thought it rained this much in Spain, I am so glad I brought my rain coat and that my cousin insisted on buying me an umbrella for this trip.  I think that's all the news fit to print.

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  1. That is because your cousin is a mother...and mother's know best :) Sounds like everything is going well. The teachers your are working with look like a nice group! Thanks for posting the picture of them. It is nices to have faces to put with the names. Armen reminds me of Michaels' cousin Armen.

    Things are going well here. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving. You will be missed but your family has decided to stay home :( Talk to you soon! Love you!