I am back in Spain for another year. I will continue to do updates like I did all last year.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Maybe I will stay here a little longer...

This week was great, everything has been running smoothly and I have absolutely no complaints at all.  The lessons on Monday were great and I felt like I just laughed the entire day.  I think the students are getting used to my accent and to me in general so they are a little less shy.  I also see less blank stares with glazed-over eyes after I explain something so I am feeling more positive.
Tuesday, the regular classes were good and my conversation group was great.  I had phonetics class which I always find interesting because I am learning British pronunciation which helps me to understand the students a little better.  I think I am better than most people at understanding accents but sometimes it is rough and I do not want the students to be discouraged and me asking "what?" all the time is not helpful or productive.  The intermediate conversation class is still going well, there were even more students this week and we played another game this time with different topics written on a piece of paper.  I said they had to talk for 3 minutes about anything related to their topic.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the game and it inspired a lot of conversation from the students with them asking each other questions.  I am worried though that the class is supposed to be more structured than what I do, which is just chit-chat with them.  I asked if what I am doing is ok, but I still worry that some students might not be entirely happy that I am not teaching the boring aspect of English.....grammar!  But, can you blame me?  I just want to have fun with them and get them to talk in English.
The classes on Wednesday went well and before my conversation with the advanced group a woman from a local religious school came to talk to me about teaching there for a couple days a month.  I am worried about teaching at another place, because number one I do not want to be in violation of my visa.  And second of all, I am NOT a teacher, I like to spend as much time as I can in class with the professors here just so I can see how they teach.  If I decide to accept an actual teaching position I am worried that things will not end well because they will say they did not learn anything from me.  Also, in the language school I am never at the front of the class completely on my own, the professors are always there to step in when I am struggling (which is quite often!).  They are my life-line, and without them the experience would be a lot less fun.  At another place I might be on my own, oh and I forgot to mention, it is a high school which adds a whole other set of problems that I do not want to deal with.  So at this point I am undecided but I see now that if I decide to stay here another year without doing this program, I could support myself. 
I got another offer last night to give a seminar starting in January at the center for teachers here in Tarazona.  Again, it is very daunting to think about giving a course in English conversation bymyself.  Though I know I have the professors here to ask them for help with anything and everything but I am worried about the language school because that is my priority, everything else is extra.
Today, Friday, we had our meeting which was fine.  It was Armens birthday yesterday so I made a carrot cake, since it is a typical American cake and put sprinkles on to make it a birthday cake.  I took a picture of the English professors so that now you can match faces with the names I use in my blog!

From the left: Cristina, Ana (my tutor), Armen and Ana.


  1. Inteligentes, simpaticos y ahora sabemos que son guapos tambien!

    Intelligent, nice and now we know that they are good looking, too!

  2. Why did you translate? I understand both.