I am back in Spain for another year. I will continue to do updates like I did all last year.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

80's Night at the Magic Fountain

I went to Barcelona last weekend and had a great time.  I sight-saw, visited family and relaxed.  The weather was beautiful, sunny and not too cold.  I have lots of pictures I will upload and videos of the Magic Fountain (It only took me 4 trips to Barcelona to finally see the fountain show).
Also on my trip I saw La Sagrada Familia, the famous church designed by Gaudi.  The last time I was there was 3 years ago and there was still scaffolding inside with plastic tarps and almost everything still covered with only one stained glass window visible.  This time I went and the inside is completed, it is beautiful and very different from anything I have seen so far, the pictures are below.  Two things surprised me though, the price and the line, luckily we went very early in the morning because as the day goes on there is more than an hour wait outside.  The price has been doubled from the last time I went which is to be expected I guess, since now you can see a lot more and it is worth the higher admission.
Visiting with my aunt and uncle was great again.  It is always nice to chat with them about different things that are going on.
Now for pictures and video (Now people who haven't seen my scrapbook for my previous trip to Barcelona can't complain!):
Walking toward La Sagrada Familia

Inside La Sagrada Familia

The ceiling

The alter

Me with the Three Kings

Plaza Espanya

Olympic Stadium

Outside of the Olympic Stadium

Magic Fountain

Barcelona Beach

Me on the beach

  I have a much longer video but it isn't loading onto my blog.  This is just an example. And in the future I will try to post the longer one.


  1. Nice pics. I tried doing five at a time on mine, then two and that worked and then another two and it didn't work and then a single one and that didn't work so it used up a bunch of internet and I gave up. Your camera takes really nice pics though. Oh and about the sweatshirt...I also have your beloved Gdub pink letter one too. I might sneak it back though if you're too upset since I've not ruined it and I am leaving a bunch of my old stuff here.

  2. This is so cool! The structure of the church is amazing.. How much did it cost and how long was the line? I can't wait until I'm able to visit.