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Monday, December 6, 2010

Extra-long weekend

Last week's classes were great, nothing stands out as having been disastrous, thank God.  On Friday I renewed this language assistant program for the region of Aragon.  I had the option to renew at the same school but I want to experience another place and more people.  I love teaching at the language school and so I hope that if I decide to continue that I am teaching adults.

I am very happy that a holiday has come up, mainly so that I can rest my voice and the other reason is that I am getting sick of hearing myself talk. (And I am pretty sure other people are too!)  I have off till Friday which is great because it is just a short meeting so I really have a whole week of classes off.
Tarazona at night
Today I went to Soria, a larger town about a 45 minute drive from Tarazona, with a student and her friends.  The ride there was hilarious because on our way up the mountain there were cows running on the road right next to the car.  I assured them that this is not a common occurrence in New Jersey unless one escapes from a farm. We went sledding even though it was horrible weather, a rain/sleet mix was falling with extreme wind therefore we were soaked from head to toe, but it was totally worth it.

Foggy Mountain

Sledding Hill (there were so many accidents)

This is us going down the hill. (Just ignore my idiotic laughter)

After sledding we went and had a picnic lunch in the farmland near Soria.  It was very picturesque with the exception of huge cowpies near where the car was parked.  (I taught them cowpies or as they said "tarta de vaca," so funny!)  After lunch we went into Soria and walked around the town and stopped for some coffee and a typical treat that is made there, it is a cookie in the shape of a horse with either white or dark chocolate as the icing.  It was very good and it was great to warm up in the cafe.  After walking around a bit we got in the car and on the way out of Soria there is a famous hermitage "Ermita de San Saturio" so we stopped to take a tour and to walk and take pictures along the river, which was beautiful. It was a great day.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!!! I am so glad! Sorry I have not been in touch, I did think of you many times on Thanksgiving. It was relatively quiet here. It was just 11 of us with the girls. My cousin Karen and her son Scott were here from Florida. We had a wonderful week visiting!

    I am waiting for an e-mail from Walmart to come pick up our new television. It is mine and Michael's christmas gift for each other. A nice 52 inch for over the fireplace. We also picked up a nice credenza for the family room. It will look very different to you when you come back!

    Hope this finds you well! Be in touch soon!