I am back in Spain for another year. I will continue to do updates like I did all last year.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spanish festivals are insane!

My first school year is coming to an end and I am both excited and sad.  I still do not have definite plans for the summer and next year but I hope to stay here in Spain.  I was accepted into this language assistant program for next year for the region of Aragon but still do not know the city/town/village where my school is located.  I hope to be in Zaragoza or some place close so it is easy to travel to back here to Tarazona to visit.  My excitement for the next year is due to the unknown, though it should be much easier to adjust to a new place and new people since the program is the same.  Though I have had such a positive experience here in Tarazona thanks to my tutor and the amazing students.  The students really made me feel welcome and at home here in Tarazona and I will be sad not to be their language assistant next year.  But, I am making the most of my time here and enjoying all the cultural events.

Yesterday was the last day of the festival in Santa Cruz.  In the morning the "baby" cows were let out to run around and brave Spaniards were out to face them in the streets.  I was safely up high in one of the carts behind a barrier.  All I have to say about my experience is that some people there were crazy! Or maybe they had too much liquid courage (alcohol)!

This video shows two boys jumping over the cow, the second jump isn't that impressive but still took a lot of courage.

Another one jumping over a cow.  I think they have the nursery rhyme about the cow jumping over the moon mixed up, haha.

There was a band playing different songs and at one point they started playing "Waka Waka" but I think people were singing "Vaca Vaca."

Close call

For a "trick" they set up a table and chairs in the middle and 4 guys started playing cards with the cows running around the table.  Eventually the cows figured it out and started attacking.

At the end they released all the cows and bulls like a mini Pamplona

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