I am back in Spain for another year. I will continue to do updates like I did all last year.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunburn on April 1st, a record for me!

I missed the sun so much these winter months that I wanted to sit and eat lunch outside today.  Only two hours later and my bright idea came back to bite me.  It is far from the worst burn I've ever had but it is still sunburn, which sucks.  I am as red as my lobster costume from Carnival!  I put cold water compresses and Ana gave me after-sun stuff, so I will be back to normal soon.

Today I finally got my ID card so that is a relief.  Only 2 months left in my program and I got the paperwork done.  But, in August I have to go back again to renew for next year.  Paperwork is never-ending.

I am still preparing for the cultural day so that is keeping me really busy.  Thankfully, it is this Tuesday so it will be over soon.  An addition to my speech and American food is karaoke.  I am not going to be singing karaoke without alcohol, so I think someone needs to spike the cranberry/pineapple punch I am going to make.  I will do a blog post with the results of the Cultural Day and hopefully upload some pictures of us in our Hawaiian inspired outfits.  I will try to take some funny videos as well.

Yesterday, was the last day of my course that I teach at the Center for Teachers here in Tarazona.  I am such a great conversationalist that they want to continue classes with me the rest of the Thursdays till the end of May.  Just kidding, I think they like me but I also know that the supply of native English speakers is running low here in Tarazona.  Overall, teaching the course was a great experience and I like to think the teachers got a lot out of the course as well.  As a great last class we went on an English guided tour of Tarazona arranged by the Center.  At the end of the tour the guide, who was not a native speaker but who had really good English, said wow you have a good accent it sounds American.  This had all my "students" laughing and I told the guide that is because I am American.  The tour was extremely interesting because even though this is a little town it has a very rich and diverse history.

Ok, that is all for now until later this week...

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